Send SMS in NodeJS using Nexmo

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Hi, As I’m a JS enthusiast; I love doing JavaScript development due to its easiness & lot of people there to help.

Today, I have come up to show you how to implement, message sending facility using NodeJS using Nexmo service provider.

A lot of people are interested in start-ups & need to grow their business using SMS promotions.

Let’s move to the coding portion.

First of all, you have to create Nexmo account: Click Here

Now, create a new folder with a name you want

Create package.json using

npm init


We have to install express & body-parser to the application to use.

npm install express body-parser — save

Then, create an index.js file in the root folder

const express = require('express');
//importing express to useconst

bodyParser = require('body-parser');
//importing body parser to get the body input const

app = express();
app.use(bodyParser.urlencoded({ extended: true }));


//requiring app Which is an express instance to use in controller file

const server = app.listen(3000);
//configure the server to run on port 3000

console.log("Server working on 3000")

Now, create the controller.js file in the root folder.

module.exports = function (app) {
	const Nexmo = require('nexmo');
	const nexmo = new Nexmo({
	        apiKey: Your_API_KEY,
	        apiSecret: Your_API_SECRET_KEY

	const config = {
	}'/send', (req, res) => {
	//Setting endpoint of /send
	// Send SMS
	     req.body.message, { type: 'unicode'},
     (err, responseData) => { if (responseData)

Here we are using the app instance which we declared in the index.js.

Then, we are importing the Nexmo module & create an instance of the Nexmo module;

for apiKey & apiSecret you have to give your Nexmo account details.

In the config object, you have to put the registered mobile number for your Nexmo account as a value for the number attribute.

And, after that, a POST request with a “/send” endpoint.

Wrapping the nexmo.message.sendSms() method which is predefined in the Nexmo to send message inside the POST request.

Finally, we are console the message details in the terminal/command line.

Now, Start the server using

node index.js

And test it with Postman.

If you get Non White-listed Destination — rejected error.

You have to register it in your Nexmo Account.

To do that Click Here

Yes, you have done it.

Happy Coding Folks..!!

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