hmm, 2023 overall was a good year for me. There were a lot of days I missed my diet food and to do exercises frequently. To come against this barrier, I enrolled to a Gym in Wellawatta, Colombo near my boarding place. I feel a block in my active lifestyle during my days in Colombo for the office days. Whenever I am back in Jaffna, I loose hopes in doing exercises and maintain healthy and active lifestyle. What I am planning in 2024 is to go for gym during the days in Colombo and do home workouts when I am in Jaffna (As Simple as that).

But still, there is a question on how I am going to be consistent on this? Will have a hashtag something like #MyHealth2024 & #MyGoal2024 and post in Twitter (X).

There are lot of pending things which I was planning for a long day and expecting it to make it as a Goal to be finished in 2024.

  1. This year, I purchased Namaste React course from Akshay Shainy. I took it a serious course and finished till testing the application. But later, due to lack of motivation I left it from there. Will have to focus on building projects on top of it and complete the course fully. – The Goal for #MyGoal2024
  2. Purchased a life-time course access to codedamn, a good looking and decent course setup from the people who created it. May be will have a frequent look from it.
  3. Planning to do some Python + Django project based learning for next year. The Goal for #MyGoal2024
  4. AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam. Already this year, took the exam but got 629 which is near to get passed (720). Will try a new shot and get the certification #MyGoal2024
  5. Need to learn more deeper on Golang. Finishing up the Usemy Golang course #MyGoal2024
  6. Get a good understanding about React Native and get release an app #MyGoal2024

How was 2023?

  • Learnt a lot of work related dos and don’ts
  • Got iPhone 15 Pro and Ai pods Pro 2 this year as an installment from the monthly salary. Thanks to JavaScript and React eco-system. It’s not possible without you guys…
  • I think I have a lot of procrastination things on my mind. Working on lot of things paralelly and stressing out myself. I should think which one should I prioritize and give more importance to my loved one(s). I will be more strict on this from next year onwards.
  • Have to plan up my work annual leaves and be organized from next year onwards. Take care of health alot..

Let’s see how it goes…